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I have owned and been showing Samoyeds since 1977.  However, it was 1988 before I felt qualified enough in regard to breed standards and genetics to try my hand at the dangerous game of breeding. 

That first litter was a surprising success – four of the six puppies were shown and became Australian Champions.  Three of them became Best in Show winners.  Since then Dawnsnow stock has lived up to expectations by winning consistently – under local, interstate and international judges (All Breeds and Breed Specialists included). 

My first samoyed – Aust. Ch. Snowvink Srebno King - was purchased from Ray Dean (from his first and most successful litter) and went on to become a Multi Best In Show winner.  A year later I purchased a beautiful bitch – Aust. Ch. Razinov Taimya Lass – from a pet owner who only ever had one litter of puppies.  These two set me on the way of showing and wanting to breed.  They were successful in both the All Breeds and Specialty rings and I often worried what would happen if my next Samoyed/s did not come up to the same standard. 

I usually aim to have only one litter each year.  Although this year has been an exception to the rule and we have had three.  I try only to breed in order to have a new ‘Dawnsnow’ puppy to show or because I will want a puppy from a particular bitch and she is getting a bit old to wait for her first litter. 

Personally, I would prefer that puppies went to loving pet homes rather than to show homes where they might not get the love and attention that they deserve.  I only aim to have one or two puppies from each litter shown as you cannot give new exhibitors the help and attention they deserve if you have to try to help too many at one time. 

With three generations of Dawnsnow champions already successful – we hold high hopes for the fourth!!!

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